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  • Organic Daliya

    Organic daliya is broken wheat,in recent time it became so popular breakfast among Indian, research has suggested so many health benefits of daliya, It is quite effective as a weight loss food, It carries low calorie and high in fibre and it keep you fuller and energetic whole day.

  • Organic Rice

    Organic rice has many health benefits, it provides instant energy, improve metabolism, maintain high immunity level,reduce high blood pressure,maintain blood sugar level.Though this is organic it plays important role unlike normal Rice.

    Being chemical free organic, it avoid aging process, safeguard against cancer and heart disease.

  • Organic Flour (Atta)

    Wheat is so common cereal available in market, we are listing certified organic wheat flour, which possess many health benefits and carries most of the minerals required for body need.When you eat organic wheat flour, you not only avoid disastrous ailment but gets many health benefits.

  • Organic Dal & Pulses

    Organic Lentils/Dal/pulses obviously high in protein, being chemical free it avoid any kind of serious ailment to the body on the top up it improves digestion, metabolism, maintain blood sugar level and many other benefits.

    We organo India recommend you to prefer unpolished lentils for better result and taste.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items